Thursday, April 16, 2015

How to | Wash Make-up Brushes

I mentioned in this post that I was going to share how I clean my make-up brushes. It's really not anything innovative, but there are a few products I love to get this annoying, yet essential, job done.

Many of my brushes I have had for years, like a decade, and all are inexpensive, but yet they have lasted me so long. I think it's all in the maintenance. I make sure to wash everything once a week. I have been using the Sonia Kashuk Brush & Sponge Cleaner for years. The spray bottle makes it easy to use, and it's great for removing any powder products like eyeshadow and blush. For more stubborn stains, I use my eye make-up remover (it's little purple cap is peeking in the corner). It's Target's Up & Up brand, so like the brush cleaner super affordable and accessible. It dissolves foundation like magic. Before getting the Beauty Blender Blender Cleanser Solid, I would use the eye make-up remover for my Beauty Blenders. I ended up using quite a bit of the remover, but since it was cheap it wasn't too big of a deal. However, now I am hooked on the Solid for my sponges. It cuts down deep removing any traces of make-up with just a little bit of the soap. After I am finished using my cleansers, I just lay my brushes flat on a wash-cloth. I don't worry about any weird upside-down contraptions-they don't get bent out of shape and water won't get into the ferules either. I usually do this at night, and by the morning, my brushes are dry and fluffy-ready to start the process all over again.

What are your favourite brush cleansers?

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