Sunday, March 15, 2015

Haul | Target Sam & Libby Shoes

Weather in the 40s! Almost there. In the meantime though, I have been imagining spring outfits for work and weekend. I am a bit obsessed with D'Orsay style, pointy toe shoes and when I saw all the options at Target from Sam & Libby, I purchased quite a few. I am not much of a heels girl, but I couldn't help but ordering these when they were at such a discount (the snake print pair were $12-and are still available). They would look so cute on a date night with skinny jeans or with some sleek trousers for work. I ordered the two high heels online and of course, my obsession didn't end there. On a physical trip to Target, I saw the flat version. Sold. I decided on the black as they would be a perfect everyday pair; they also have a nude and leopard version. For the heels, I ordered by normal size, as they had straps, and for the more open flats, I went a half-size down. D'orsays can get a bit flip-floppy, making it hard to walk, these fit snug enough to have more control. And look super cute.

Have you made any spring fashion purchases lately?

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