Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Updated | Muji Drawer Make-up Storage

It's been a year (exactly) since I shared my Muji 5-drawer filled with make-up goodies. I got it for Christmas 2013 (how time flies...). Over 2014, I kept thinking of doing an update, but feeling like the system and products haven't changed too much since the last time. In looking back though some things have changed a bit and the things that haven't demonstrate that they are working out, right?

The Muji drawer doesn't hold all my make-up, but it's all those things that I grab for everyday or those little items that would get lost in my desk drawer (where the rest of the goods live). Larger palettes and out-of-season items are in there. Brushes, beauty blenders, and liquid liner stay in upcycled candle jars on my desk. On top, I have my Tatcha gold tray that holds perfumes and my elephant ring holder.

Starting from the bottom and working my way up, the bottom drawer holds my foundations, primers, and "face" products, like highlighters. The first steps of my make-up routine (and I guess the last since I use highlighter to finish it up.) I have some doubles in here of my foundation, Wet n Wild Coverall and Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer since I am try to finish up the near empty bottles.

Eyes I
This drawer has two larger palettes, this rotates somewhat between my larger palettes but currently houses Naked 2 and 3. It also has my favourite stick eyeliners, brow products, and current mascara. 

Eyes II
I am an eye make-up junkie, so I have two drawers for shadows. This one has smaller palettes which I also switch up from time to time. I also have a few WnW single shadows and cream shadow sticks. I would have my elf Smudge pots in here, but they are just a bit too tall- the Long-lasting Lustrous Eyeshadows fit though!

I'm pretty sure for the past three months I have only been using Nars Sin and the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer (though I tend to use the one in the Bronzer palette not even the one shown), but my other blushes & bronzers look and fit so prettily in the drawer. 

This drawer is quite different from last year. I tend to not keep lip products too long, especially glosses which aren't my fav anyway. Though my most commonly used shades fill my purse, I try to put them back when I am using a new colour. Currently I have all my WnW lipsticks (this collection has grown a lot since last year!) and my more winter, like the Bite Beauty set, and neutral shades. The corals and oranges are in my desk drawer for now.

I am glad that a year later I am still loving this system. I even have the drawers in the same order! If you are curious about any of the products shown, feel free to leave me a comment below.

What's your make-up storage system? Are you happy with it or still looking?


  1. Great collection :) I want that Hourglass palette :3

    1. Thank you! It's so pretty-now I want the blush one lol :]

  2. Awesome! Now I want a Muji drawer lol :)