Saturday, January 24, 2015

ABM Happy Mail | January 2015

Woo-hoo! More Happy Mail. It's never a surprise as I can't wait to watch the reveal videos, but it's exciting to get the package. I actually have ideas on who to send some of these to! I like that there are a few Valentine's related cards, but it's not overwhelmingly themed.

I love the simple cards the best like the 'hello' card and the pineapples. But then I never want to send them, I just want to keep them... There were quite a few that cracked me up. I can't wait to send the 'Happy B-Day Bro' card with the hipster dude. First thing I did when I saw it was ask Preston when his (moved to Portland) brother's birthday was. The heart-shaped sunnies Dachshund is another funny one that I have to send to Preston's family as a little V-day shout out as they have a Chiweenie named Teacup. I also really like the script of the 'Let's Make Out' Card, and I need a housewarming party to go to to give the neon houses card or even the little cheese plate print.

Another good month! Though I am missing my gold-foil-I guess this month it was about the neon. I am going to have to go through my cards from previous months and mail some "thinking of you" letters out as the stash is getting larger & larger.

Are you subscribed to Happy Mail?

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