Monday, November 24, 2014

My First Video | Holiday Gift Guide

I can't believe it. I made a YouTube video and man was it difficult!

1. I was extremely nervous (does anyone like the sound of their own voice??)
2. My nice camera does not do video, so I tried a point & shoot-fail 
and then had to settle for an iPhone.
3. The white so off. 
5. It takes forever to export & upload
(& then you find out it's wrong,  and you have to do it again.)

Plus, a million other things....

Okay, back to the video. It's a Holiday Gift Guide. I hope it's at least a bit helpful/entertaining/something. Most of the items have been (or will be) reviewed on here for some more in depth photos and descriptions. Here is a list of the products mentioned...

SugarPaper LA x Target

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