Monday, November 10, 2014

Fall Fashion

We can all agree fall fashion is the best. Scarves & sweaters are my thing. I just wanted to share a few fall items I have been loving over the season.

Tilo Modal Graduation Scarf in Raisin 
I got this pretty scarf in the September PopSugar Box, and I immediately put it on. It was the perfect lightweight early fall scarf for casual looks and for the office. The colours are gorgeous.

Love & Libery Cat Sweater from Mandee's
I'm not much of a Mandee's shopper (I think its like the Northeast version of Body Shop/Katmandu/Charlotte Russe... Do any of those stores even exist anymore?), but when I saw this sweater in the window I was like I need that and being a junior's store it was very inexpensive. I am just embracing my crazy cat lady side what can I say..

Lululemon Rulu Vinyasa Scarf
This ginormous convertible scarf is awesome. It's a bit of a cult item, but I think it's worth the hype. I love the many different ways you can wear it (though I usually just throw it over my head or use it as a blanket at work...)

Valette Sweater from Nordstrom Rack
Can't get enough chunky knits. Love the black & white of this pattern.

Fuzzy Plaid Sweater from Forever 21

After seeing this post from The Fancy Pants Report (love her style!), I knew I had to find a similar sweater. I am all about the fuzzy knit. The universe basically aligned and on the same day I saw the post I spotted this sweater in Forever 21. It was so close and I didn't mind the pullover style opposed to the cardigan. The only thing I was a bit spectacle of was the metallic threading, but it's actually quite subtle. Plus, it makes me set for casual holiday parties. The pattern reminds me of this nail art I did last year.

Oversized Woven Plain Scarf in Red from Target
One of my life's greatest and most superficial regret was missing out on those plaid scarfs from Zara last year. But don't worry, friends, all is now right in the world now that I have this one from Target. Just as soft, just as plaid, just as huge, only one-sided, but much more affordable too.

For any fashion post, I have to include the caveat that I am no fashionista. Everything gets paired with skinny jeans and boots. Even so, I feel like I will have more to share as I am finding it difficult to stop buying cozy fall clothing.

What are some of your fall favourite fashion items this year?

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