Sunday, October 19, 2014

Review | Best Skins Ever

A bit of a random review today, but with all the buzz about the latest iPhone, I figured some people might be interested. As you can see, I do not have the new iPhone. I actually have the iPhone 4. Yup, just plan 4. So old that I can't even update to the latest software. Even though my phone is over 4 years old, it is completely scratch free. Partly due to my obsessiveness about not dropping it, but these skins helped too. They are virtually undetectable, applying so smoothly. Unlike regular skins they aren't just a sticker that leaves bubbles and residue, just to peel off in a week. You apply them by spraying a bit of water (with a hint of dishwashing detergent in it) to the skin and then you apply it to your phone. You then smooth everything out with a credit card, and let it dry to seal.  If you treated yo self to the new iPhone, I highly recommend picking up a pack. They also have a ton of other model options too. They really are the best skins ever.

 How do you protect your tech gadgets?

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