Saturday, October 4, 2014

Not That Kind of Girl-y Weekend

I am all alone. My other half, Preston, is on a mountain biking,white water rafting adventure in Portland this week. It is the first time we have been apart this long in years! Crazy to think about how much you get used to having that person always there. I'm going to miss him, but it will be fun to Skype & hear about his trip. To counter his wilderness vacation, I am doing a 180 and planning on having a super girly relaxing weekend. I picked up Lena Dunham's book Not That Kind of Girl when it came out on Tuesday (I just missed seeing her at the Union Square B&N) and a couple of Lush Bath Bombs in the girly-est scents, Sex Bomb & Space Girl. The fridge is stocked with what I affectionately call "chic food", aka Pelligrino, fruit, & fancy cheese.... Looks like I'm ready!

So far Not That Kind of Girl is reminding me a lot of the Mindy Kaling's Everyone is Hanging Out Without Me and Tina Fey's Bossypants. A memoir/essay/short-story/girl problem confessions hybrid. I am quite enjoying it so far, and I love the illustrations and the 90s guidebook type face. It definitely has a vibe going on. I have laughed out loud quite a bit already. If you are a fan of Girls or are a twenty-something female, you will probably like it. Like I say about the show, I think it's funny, but would I want to be friends with any of the character? No way...And I love & live in Brooklyn. I think you have to find the teeny grain of relatability and laugh about the amped-up craziness. I promise not all Brooklyn twenty-somethings are like that. I mean I started this post talking about how my boyfriend and I are weirded out that we will be apart a week....

Sex Bomb and Space Girl are classic Lush Bath Bombs that I have yet to try. So, I am pretty excited to give them a go! They smell amazing, as Lush products do, Space Girl of blackberries and Sex Bomb like jasmines.

That about sums up my weekend plans. I also heard Gilmore Girls is on Netflix! Better add that to the to-do list...Girly weekend complete.

What are you up to this weekend?

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