Thursday, July 3, 2014

Favourites | June Lifestyle

Surprisingly it's been a few since I shared a lifestyle favourites. I feel like most of my favourite new finds have been in that department rather than beauty. I think with so many options it's hard to wrangle everything up into a post, so I am sure I am forgetting some here.

With summer upon us, I have been burning up my candles and scents of spring and moving on to more tropical options. My friend had included a Tiki Beach Wallflower in my nail mail, and I fell in love with the scent (Thanks, Annisa!) I plugged it in in the bathroom as it's so spa-like. I already went through it, so I picked up a new pack and the candle at the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale-the perfect time to stock up. In my recent What's in my Bag post, I included the Luna Chocolate Dipped Coconut bars. I love these things. I am notoriously terrible at eating breakfast, or missing lunch, or just getting so sucked into a work project that I forget to eat. These make it convenient to have for on-the-go, or at home when you are craving something sweet. I have been in love with what I call 'boho' jewelry. A couple of favourites this month were the Jewelmint Aurora Necklace and this faux amethyst necklace from Forever 21. Every week this month, I have been decorating my Filofax in the same way. I just love the earthy, metallic scheme. The floral washi tape is from PaperSource and the taupe stripe is from the Target Dollar Spot. Le Pens in brown & olive green have been favs too.

What were some of your favourite random things from this past month?


  1. Glad you like the wallflowers! Go smell coconut leaves at b&bw, I'm obsessed with it!!