Monday, June 2, 2014

Nail Art | Beachy Ikat with Julie G Cruise Time

I just picked up some new summer polish shades from Julie G. I spotted this display at Rite Aid for their summer limited edition 'Cruise Time' collection and just loved the vibe. I want the whole collection (even though I have a million & one mint polishes...) Two shades I knew I had to get as I don't have dupes in my collection: Old San Juan, an apricot coral, and Rio De Janero, a pink-toned purple.

I have an old post on Ikat nails from almost two years ago (whoa, time flies...) I thought it would be fun to use my new shades with this design. I did this mani pretty quickly without much precision and a random pattern, but you can make it as symmetrical or neat as you want. The only other Julie G polishes I have are textured polishes from their gum drop range, so this formula was new to me. I am really impressed. The colour applies evenly and very opaque. I would say it's a thicker formula which I tend to favour. I will definitely be picking up more shades from this summer collection and their permanent range.

Have you picked up any new summer polishes recently?

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