Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ruby Wing Colour Changing Polish in Kitten Heels

I remember during my middle school years of colour changing polish being a huge 'thing'. It seemed that every girl in my grade would come back from summer vacation with the Del Sol polishes they got while on a family cruise in the Bahamas. Though, I have yet to go on a cruise (Being from Florida, I have no idea how that hasn't happened yet...), I still had a few bottles of the trendy polish. Flash forward over a decade later, and I am wearing colour changing polish yet again.

I received the Ruby Wing Mini Polish in Kitten Heels as a mystery sample from my latest Birchbox order. Seeing as it was just about to be the weekend, I decided to test it out. The colour change of Kitten Heels is subtle. You don't really notice that your nails changed colour (not as drastic as my middle school green to purple polish). It's the same bright pink but switches from  cool-toned indoors to warm-toned in direct sun. The Ruby Wing line has some more variations that are a bigger change but also some other subtle ones too. They even have colour changing glitters which could be very cool as an accent nail.

Would you wear colour-changing polish?

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