Monday, March 24, 2014

TOPSHOP Lipsticks | Whimsical & Macaroon

I have heard quite a lot about TopShop lipsticks so much so that I wanted every colour. Unfortunately, we can't just always get what we want. So, I compromised with myself and picked two shades. I decided on Whimsical and Macaroon. Quintessential spring and summer hues.

Aren't they just so pretty? Whimsical is an apricot shade with a matte finish while Macaroon is a medium pink coral with a velvet finish. The packaging is a light silver aluminum with little doodled stripes. A caution for those ordering online, the descriptions and pictures are terrible at portraying the actual colour. I highly recommend either going in store (though I know TopShop's are few and far between-I went to the one in SoHo, NYC) or reading lots of reviews! I thought it would be helpful to show the lipsticks on as well as swatches.

I have been wanting to try some bolder lip choices and Whimsical definitely fits the bill. It's quite a bright creamsicle shade. The matte finish means you really need to exfoliate and moisturize before putting this one on. I am not quite sure if I can pull this one off, it's almost neon, but I think it will be fun for spring and summer.

The pink-toned coral of Macaroon is one I gravitate towards in nail polishes, stationery, and fashion, during the spring and summer. It's bright while still being a pink that works with all skin tones. The velvet finish is a little more forgiving, but it's definitely not glossy or balmy.

I am definitely happy with these spring lippies and hey, that checks one thing off my Spring List. Now, I want to add to the collection. I think next I'll pick up Charmed, perfect for the tangerine trend.

What are your favourite Spring lipstick colours? Have you tried TopShop lipsticks?