Thursday, March 6, 2014

Recipe | Matcha Latte & Blackberry Muffins

Every once in awhile, I find myself in huge baking mood. I ended up making something completely different but a few days later, was still feeling the urge to whip something up. I drew inspiration from the carton of blackberries sitting in the fridge, so I started googling blackberry muffins and found a recipe that sounded delicious and managed to call for ingredients I had already on hand. To pair with my fresh blackberry muffins, I made my recent addiction-green tea lattes. It ended up being the perfect afternoon treat.

For the blackberry muffins, I followed this recipe. I halved it to make six large muffins. Though, I did add a touch more cinnamon, vanilla, and blackberries. I loved these so much I actually ended up making another batch last night! They are the perfect density and not too sweet, the fresh blackberries add a touch of tartness.

Making matcha lattes is super simple, but I thought I would share my take! I like to use Vanilla Almond Milk as it gives it a sweet flavour, but you can use any kind of milk, water, or a mixture of both. I heat the milk in a sauce pan and add Hazelnut Agave for more sweetness. I like the Hazelnut flavour as it adds a nutty note. But again, add any sweetener you prefer. Or none! After that's warmed up (just before boiling), I add it to my cup and add about a teaspoon (even less than pictured above) of Matcha powder. Make sure to mix it real well. Balls of matcha powder are not good.  A matcha whisk would be the best utensil for that job (I think I might just have to buy one...) Finally, I use the little milk frother I picked up at Ikea to build up lots of foam. Yum!

If you try either of these out, make sure to send me a picture on Instagram or Twitter!

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