Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Current Foundation Routine

I have been promising this post for awhile now, but here it finally is! I wanted to make this as helpful as possible, so I included some before (eek!), during, and after pictures. I am loving this routine as it's a great mix of high and low end products that provide a long-lasting, non-cakey, natural finish.

My first step is the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, because if I forget it, my shadows will crease within the first hour. Next, I apply the Victoria Secret Fresh Face Brightening Cream Gel along my cheekbones and a bit under the eyes before my foundation for an extra highlighting, skin brightening step. It feels nice and hydrating when applying and really brightens up your complexion. Then, foundation. I have been using the Wet 'n Wild Coverall Foundation. It's an amazing drugstore steal at $4. I apply it with a BeautyBlender. I love this little sponge, it makes blending so fast and easy and provides even, natural coverage. Finally, I use the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla under my eyes and along my nose, using the BeautyBlender to blend it out. If I know I will be doing a darker eye look, I will apply this after my shadows to make avoid any fallout.

With the winter weather, I haven't been needing to use any primers or powders, but when I need to guarantee that my foundation will last perfectly, I'll use the elf Mineral Infused Primer, your typical silicone feeling primer, as a first step and an Urban Decay Setting Spray as a final step to set my makeup. I like all the different variations, currently I am using Deslick. I didn't use these two products in the pictures below.

So there is my make-up less before face, then after the foundation routine, and finally with all the rest of my make-up. I haven't had many active breakouts lately, but I do have quite a bit of scarring and some redness, especially in the morning. It's kind of interesting to see the before and after photos! It makes me really notice the difference.

What's your foundation routine?


  1. So pretty!! I really need to get back on board with my make-up routine. I've be doing just BB creme for the past few months because I cannot find a decent foundation anywhere. Maybe I'll check out the wet n wild one.

    1. I definitely recommend checking it out. It's only $4 so not too big a risk, plus it's vegan! What BB cremes do you like??