Friday, February 28, 2014

A little IKEA haul

Preston & I took a little trip to Red Hook, Brooklyn this past weekend and decided to stop in IKEA. Practically everything in our apartment is Ikea. We love it. Though, we didn't have any big items on our list (and the only thing I was going in for was a milk frother), we ended up with a few little odds & ends that I am super excited for. Along with a list of things I hope to pick up in the future...

Ikea candles don't have that amazing of a scent throw, but I can't help but pick up a couple whenever I am there. The prices are so cheap and the lighting still adds ambiance to a room. I spotted these band-aids in the Ikea Family section and had to grab a box. The packet includes multiple sizes, and the alien/rocket ship print is super cute. The one thing on my list- the Produkt Milk-frother. I am matcha latte obessed and wanted to be legit about my foamed almond milk (instead of just blending it all in the Magic Bullet...) Of course, we had to add a Dark Chocolate bar. Next, I saw these leaf printed bowls and fell in love. I love nature printed anything, and they fit in with my existing dinnerware. I always grab a packet of napkins, because...napkins are useful? Finally, I picked up a packet of Kort cards with these adorable woodland creature designs. I can't decide whether I want to frame them all or use them for letters or scrapbooking. We also purchased a pantry shelf, but Preston was already assembling and organizing it before I could include it in my pictures.

And now for what has been added to my wishlist. I don't know if this is a thing, but I have been really into coffee table books. If being into coffee table books can be a thing. I just like being able to flip through and find inspiration. Preston and I peeked through the Step Out book and loved all the outdoor spaces. Next time, I will have to purchase it seeing as our backyard is in need of some decor. I love the bowls I got, so I hopefully will be able to add some more pieces from the collection. I spotted the tree poster in one of the sample rooms and instantly loved it. I love its quirky, graphic print. I probably have too many throw blankets already, but this plaid one is soft and chic. I love tea, and these floating flower infusers are so cute. Finally the next couple of items are for my dreams of succulent gardens. I love the look (& price) of this terrarium, and these glass fillers look just like crushed jewels.

I have a Luvocracy collection of the items I could find from my mini-haul and my wishlist, so you can see their true Swedish names. 

I feel like this is such a random post for me, usually I would just show a picture in a Seven. For some reason, I just felt like writing up a whole post about it. I think I am just in the mood for updating the apartment or a bit of spring cleaning! And a lot of blogging...(more on that coming soon!)

Are you a fan of Ikea?

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