Saturday, January 25, 2014

UD Naked 3 | Everyday Eye

This look here has been my new everyday make-up routine. At first getting this palette, I thought these rose "neutrals" might not be neutral enough for the professional side of my life.  I am coming to find that they are actually quite easy to wear and the rose tones actually are quite soft and natural.

Liar is one of my favourite shades in the palette, a gorgeous rosey taupe. I applied this all over the lid. For definition in the outer-v, I used Darkside, a shade I initial thought I would rarely use as grays (though being one of my favourite colours) can look too cool with my colouring. I now use this shade all the time to define any of the shades in the palette. It's the perfect shadow-like colour. To blend, I used both matte shades: Limit and Nooner. Limit on the first half of my crease and Nooner on the second. It makes a nice gradient of a transitional shade. For my under brow highlight, I used Strange, and for my inner corner highlight, I decided to pull out the UD Naked Basics for Venus, as I prefer a shimmery inner corner highlight.

I just love this combo for an everyday look. It's a bit different with the hint of rose but definitely in the realm of neutrals.

To see my previous UD Naked 3 look, a Valentine's look of sorts,  click here. And for an overview of the palette here.

More Naked 3 looks to come as I am in love with this palette...

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