Sunday, January 5, 2014


So far, I am loving 2014! This week I watched fireworks, had a fun snow day, spent lots of time relaxing post-vacation, and delved into my Christmas gifts.

 [A selection of 'What I Got For Christmas'.]

[Obsessed with this colour-changing mug from David's Tea.]

[I lucked out at the Post-Christmas shopping sales with this dream coat from Michael Kors.]

[An amazing fireworks show at Prospect Park for New Year's Eve.]

[Started the New Year off right with an at-home brunch, complete with mimosas.]

[A Snow Day at Prospect Park-see more here.]

[Enjoying the days off with quite a bit of Animal Crossing.]

[Started my New Year's Resolutions-here is a glimpse at my Project Life cover page.]

I hope you are having an amazing start to the New Year!!

Edit: Just noticed I had 8 pictures...Oh well, I think that means it's a good week! :]

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