Friday, January 31, 2014

Cult Cosmetics Nail Polish City Girl Black Box

My subscription addiction continues. I can't resist a penny box deal (it's how I discovered Julep-see my first Julep post here. Hello phone pics...). I was a bit hesitant to order this box from Cult Cosmetics as I had only seen the offer on Facebook and haven't heard much about the company. However, I figured for a penny might as well go for it! And I am pretty happy I did.

The boxes are advertised as coming with three nail polishes and a nail art tool. The polishes are all 5-free and vegan. There are several different "style" options, similar to Julep's service. I chose the "city" girl option.

Box Breakdown
Point Dume (Royal Blue)
Joshua Tree (Nude)
Weho (Black & Silver Glitter)
Botanical Basecoat
Cult Cosmetics Sticker

It's funny how I was most excited for the black & white glitter, Weho, but ended up liking the blue, Point Dume, and nude, Joshua Tree, much more. The Cult Cosmetics website states that the nail polishes only need one coat. When I first read that I kind of took it with a grain of salt, considering it an exaggerating advertisement, but it is actually rather true. The photos above are one coat of the blue and nude. Amazing. The two creams applied easily, evenly, and dried fairly quickly. The Botanical Basecoat dried clear and quickly as well (I will let you know how effective it is as a base coat.) The glitter, Weho, was more tricky. Some of the glitters were too large (especially the length of the bar glitters), curling up at the edges and not laying flat. It took a bit of fishing as well.

Though, I had a great success with this box.  I am always a bit reluctant to add subscription boxes, especially nail polish boxes. It's easy to end up with a lot that you don't need or colours that you don't want. Also, the company is quite new and even newer is their own range of polishes. I really enjoyed the formula of these polishes so far, but it is a bit of a risk when considering keeping a subscription. I believe the usual price per month is $20 which is a bit pricey, but it seems that the penny offer (use: PENNYPOLISH) will be around for awhile, and there is another offer for getting a box for $10. There is a 'skip month' option which is what I am currently using while I debate keeping this box.

Have you tried this sub? What do you think?