Friday, December 20, 2013

Review | Wet n Wild Balm Stain Lady and the Vamp

I spotted a display of the new Wet 'n Wild Balm Stains in the drugstore recently and knew I had to take a chance. I wish desperately to be a lipstick lover but the maintenance is just something I can't pull off day-to-day. Lip balm application I can handle and stains equal long-wearing, so this could be something I can do. I decided to go with the darkest shade, Lady and the Vamp, as it looked to be the perfect moody berry lip that I just haven't been able to achieve.

I was chasing daylight trying to take photos for this post, but here is the colour and finish of the balm stain. The wear is great! It lasts a whole day on, though for more even coverage I would reapply mid-day. It's super easy to apply, feels like a balm on the lips, and hasn't ended up on my teeth yet. The berry lip is now within reach! My only complaint is the filmsy packaging, but hey, at less than three dollars, I can look past that.

I found the Wet n Wild Balm Stains at Duane Reade, and they had a dollar off coupon attached. Score.

What are your favourite berry lip products?


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