Monday, September 23, 2013

OPI Alcatraz Rocks Liquid Sand

Well, it definitely feels like fall now in NYC! I thought I would share a new nail polish from OPI's San Francisco collection. I really loved the whole vibe of this collection but had quite a few similar shades already. The one polish that really caught my attention was OPI Alcatraz...Rocks. One, I love textured polishes, two the colours, and three, I love the name (my master's degree is in forensic psychology, so I love a good prison reference...)

In my opinion, for the textured trend to work the formula has to be packed with sparkles. It makes it more dynamic (and look less like dirt got stuck in your polish...). Alcatraz Rocks definitely does not disappoint on that front. The base is a dark navy with a purple undertone with an array of glitters-pink, gold, blue, purple. These colours with the liquid sand texture remind me of a druzy quartz!

Both pictures are shown with two coats. The top picture is the next day after I painted them, while the bottom picture is after about 4 days of wear.  Excuse my nails, they are still a wreck; I need to get a new bottle of Nail Envy stat!

I picked up my bottle (& one for a friend) at Nordstrom Rack. It was not too much cheaper there just a couple of dollars less, but you can find it anywhere OPI is sold. I highly recommend picking up this polish. It's gorgeous and perfect for the season.

Are you a fan of textured polishes?


  1. I've been looking for a cement grey nail polish...with sparkles...even better! Happy fall in NY. It's spring here in NZ! :)

    Sweet Apple Lifestyle

    1. Perfect! It's a really cool looking polish. Zoya London is another textured polish that is a medium tone gray-it definitely has the cement look to it! Here is a link to a post where there is a picture of it

      Thanks so much for reading & Happy Spring to you!!

  2. love this color on your nails! thanks for my bottle <3 - annisa

    1. I hope you love it! I just had to get one myself. It's too pretty lol.

      Thanks for reading & commenting! :D