Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer Albums on Repeat

Some people have favourite songs they listen to on repeat, I have albums. I have to listen to it track by track. Albums also tend to resonate a certain season with me. Being at the height of summer, I thought I would share the albums I have been and will be listening to this summer.

The National | Trouble will Find Me (2013)
The newest release from one of my favourite bands. Some of my favourite tracks are "Don't Swallow the Cap" and "I Need My Girl." I recently saw them at the Barclay's Center; they live in Brooklyn (I'll pretend that means we are neighbors.) I would just download their entire discography if you haven't already.

Radiohead | In Rainbows (2007)
Who doesn't love Radiohead? This album in particular I tend to put on repeat, B side included. Another favourite Radiohead selection is the 'secret' 01 10 playlist. Google it. It's good.

Band of Horses | Everything All the Time (2006)
All of Band of Horses albums have a summer, southern vibe, and their debut album has some of my favourite tracks from the band, "The Funeral", "Great Salt Lake", and "I go to the barn because I like the" to name a few.

Jarrod Gorbel | Devils Made a New Friend (2010)
Once the lead man of The Honorary Title  (Anything Else But the Truth is another amazing summer album), this is his first solo album. His voice is amazing, and lyrics are relatable. 

Lana Del Rey | Born to Die (2012)
I can't help but love this album. It's fun and tragic at the same time. Some of my favourites are "Video Games", "Born to Die", and "Summertime Sadness." The music videos are really good too. Oh the lost loves and innocence of summer!...

Brand New | Deja Entendu (2003)
Brand New is another one of my favourite bands. Each album they develop their sound further. Though their more recent albums are in my all time favourites, there is a fun, summer nostalgia of Deja Entendu's "Long Island Emo" tracks.

This is definitely a different type of post from me. Everyone's musical taste is personal; I just thought I would share what music I have been listening to!  What are your favourite songs for summer?

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