Monday, March 11, 2013

Wet 'n Wild Spring 2013 Eyeshadow Palettes

As I showed yesterday in my Seven, I was super lucky to score both of the Spring Limited Edition Wet 'n Wild eight-pan eyeshadow palettes. These palettes are notorious for their amazing quality and inexpensive pricing. The two newly released palettes are named "Going in the Wild" which is a mix of spring colours and classic neutrals and "Nude Awakening" which as the name suggests, is your full range of neutrals. I am so excited about these palettes & I want you to be too! So I have pictures, swatches, & dupes(!!!!) waiting behind the "read more" button.

Thanks for opening up! Haha! (I guess I am becoming too comfortable since I am now busting out the puns...) Anyway, aren't they beautiful? I also like the change up from the black packaging to the white. The floral graphic on the front is pretty and makes it seem a little more expensive. I know a lot of people depot the WnW shadows, but I find the packaging to be really lightweight and easy to travel with since it's so minimal.

Going in the Wild

Going in the Wild is a mix of spring colours and everyday neutrals. The left side has a purple eye look while the right has a green eye look. Both sides incorporate neutrals. I am very excited about the mint green shadow. I don't have anything like that in my collection, and it's the "it" colour for spring. The right side definer is unique for me too. All the neutrals are great as well and will definitely be used.
 The left side was a little harder to capture and wasn't as pigmented as it looks in the pan. Though this poor representation is partially due to my lack of swatching photography skills.

This right side was much more pigmented, and I can't wait to figure out how I am going to use the mint.

Overall, 'Going in the Wild' is a great way to add some of those new spring shades (lilac, mint) to your collection in a way that gives you ideas on how to wear them and doesn't break the bank. I highly recommend searching your local drugstores for this palette!

Nude Awakening

Even though I have a ton of neutral eyeshadows, I knew I had to purchase this. Nude Awakening is the perfect collection of neutral eyeshadows ranging from your lightest to your darkest nude. It also has a strange familiarity to it....more on that later!

 The left side has lighter shades and warm browns. All have great pigmentation. The crease colour is matte, and the Browbone colour is semi-matte when swatched.

The right side has warm browns, a gunmetal gray, and a sparkling black. Great pigmentation. All have a shimmering finish.

Now for the dupes! Of course, when I saw this palette I initially thought I already have Urban Decay's Naked 1 and Naked 2, do I really need any more nude shadows?

Especially considering that right side of Nude Awakening looks exactly like the end of Naked 1.

Like identical. Which is actually perfect since, as you can see, Toasted was a favourite.

Not judging the shadow by how it looks in the pan, I swatched the WnW and the UD shadows for side-by-side comparisons. Pretty close matches, right? Definitely close enough to fill the void of hitting pan on any of my shadows.

The left side of Nude Awakening also has some UD Naked dupes. Sorry for the change in layout with the swatches (UD followed by the WnW!) Also note, Foxy is from Naked 2 and is matte whereas  Browbone has a hint of shimmer. The rest of the UD shades are from Naked 1.

Another big recommendation from me with Nude Awakening! Even if you have Naked 1, it can never hurt to have a five dollar back-up. Also, if you have been on the fence about spending $50 on the UD Naked palette, I highly suggest picking this WnW one up.

Overall, I am again impressed by these Wet 'n Wild palettes. I wasn't always into the hype, being disappointed in the pigmentation of 'Petal Pusher.' However after purchasing the 'Knock on Wood' trio and the 'Comfort Zone' palette, I am sold on their amazing quality for their ridiculously affordable pricing! I hope this helps you decide if you want to search for these limited edition spring palettes!

Are you going to search for these palettes? What's on your make-up wish list this spring?


  1. Send me one!! I have no good make up at all.

    1. They sell Wet 'n Wild at drugstores like Rite Aid, Walgreens, Duane Reade, etc. Def check them out for eyeshadows! If you can't find the spring palettes, I recommend "Comfort Zone" for your everyday shadows! The 8 pan palettes are only $5. They also have some nice trios that are $3.

      But I will keep my eye out for more!

  2. Lovely colors! I really love your blog!!<3 New follower here, you can check out my blog and follow back if you wish(:


  3. I'm on the West Coast and have been trying to hunt these down. Hopefully I can find them soon before they're sold out.. eek! Anywho, thanks for the great review! I don't own either Naked Palettes but Nude Awakening looks like an awesome alternative.

    1. Good luck!!! Nude Awakening will definitely fit most neutral eye needs.

  4. Awesome review! Super helpful that you swatched it next to the Urban Decay palette so thank you:) I dont have either UD palette so I am def looking forward to picking up Nude Awakening.

    1. Thank you! Hope you find it! It's definitely a great dupe!