Sunday, March 24, 2013


This week I was superrrrr sick. Tuesday I was just feeling a little off but by Wednesday morning it was a full-blown ordeal. I am still not completely back to normal but will be able to tough it out & get back to work on Monday! Hope everyone's week was at least a little better than mine. But through being absolutely miserable, there were quite a few things that made my day a little brighter!

[Going to Bellevue for my externship]

[Bright days]

[My arsenal of necessities this week]

[Spending some snuggle time with my Rococo]

[An impromptu business trip brought my dad to NYC]

[Nail Mail! From my lovely friend, Annisa]

[A late lunch with Preston at Dumplings 'n Things]

Wishing everyone a lovely week & good health!!

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