Monday, March 18, 2013

Julep Maven | March 2013

As you know, I was obsessed with my last Julep box. And I am just as in love with this one. I have been constantly thinking of spring colours (despite it snowing), and this month Julep delivered with their Playful Collection. I chose 'It Girl' this month because it had the exact colours from the collection that I wanted.

Box Breakdown 
Strawberry-Mint Lip Balm
Teri Coral Creme
Shenae Mint with Opalescent Shimmer
Simone Lilac with Opalescent Shimmer
I am not usually one for shimmers, preferring cremes or all-out glitters, but Shenae & Simone are gorgeous! Not frosty looking at all. They almost look like a creme finish but in certain lights have a cool blue duochrome shift. These colours were just what I was looking for. Coral, mint, & lilac: what could be more perfect?

The first manicure I did with my new polishes was a gradient using Shenae & Simone. The colours blended beautifully. I topped it off with the Julep Freedom Top Coat.

I am also really loving the lipbalm. The strawberry mint flavour smells & tastes so good!

I can't wait for it to finally be Spring, so I can seem a little more appropriate wearing these colours. Are you a Julep Maven? What box did you pick or did you skip?


  1. You do your nails so nicely! I've only been successful with an ombre nail only once and I've been trying to get better at it ever since haha beautiful colors!


  2. Oh I want the Julep nail polishes so badly, you made me want them even more now haha:)
    You combined the colors so nicely it turned out super pretty!
    much love<3

  3. I love Julep nail polishes! They're amazing! Great blog! Keep up the good work!! Followed :)