Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I hope you had a fun weekend celebrating! Being part Irish I make sure to rock the green today. This year, I themed my nails, eyes & desserts for this holiday. This post has it all!

This year, I did a glitter gradient covered with gold. I am really loving how it looks! I like the nod it has to this day without being over the top. I would definitely still wear this manicure on non-St. Patty's days!
I used Color Club Wild Cactus as my base and used the sponge method to make a gradient with Zoya Logan. I love how subtle the shift is from creme to glitter. I then applied Zoya Gilty on all my nails to add some gold.

Eye Make-Up

I incorporated green into my eye make-up as well! I used Wet 'n Wild's Comfort Zone palette (greens), Urban Decay's Bender, and Wet 'n Wild's pencil eye liner in Emerald Green.

Shamrock Shake
One of my favourite things about March is the Shamrock Shake from McDonald's. Every year I make sure to stop by and get my favourite milk shake. This year, however, I decided to make them at home. I love being able to control what's in it and pick quality ingredients. It's so simple to make and super delicious. Vanilla ice cream, milk (I used Vanilla Almond Milk!), green food colouring, and mint extract is all you need! Then you just combine & blend. Yum!

How did you spend your St. Patrick's Day?

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