Friday, December 1, 2017

Is the Blog Back?

No. At least, I can't make any promises. All I can say is I'm trying. I never started this to make a business or even for anyone to read. Not diminishing the full time bloggers out there. I just love my day job-it's my calling. Everyone should get to follow their passions. But even if my main focus wasn't this here piece of the internet, it was a meaningful project. I enjoyed spending hours (what ends up being many hours-as above, blogging is workkk) thinking of ideas, taking pictures, and fleshing out some semblance of a story-musings of something in my life.

Until I didn't. I'd think of an idea. I'd take the pictures. I'd even upload them, edit them. But I just stared at the blank electronic page. Unsure of what to say. Unsure of my voice. Did I have anything to say? Did it matter? My finally putting fingers to keys is not a statement of banished doubts. I could immediately get stuck back in that mindset tomorrow and never post again.

My time away from this forum also doesn't represent how I felt in other aspects of my life. Of course, there are days when I don't want to get out of bed or nights when I am restless, anxious, skin crawling and unproductive. But for the most part, I've been enjoying those things I love. But keeping the posts to a snap on Instagram. And maybe an emoji for a caption. It's hard to find the words sometimes, exhausting to find the words sometimes-so I just needed the pretty pictures.

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