Monday, July 31, 2017

Beauty Field Trip | Glossier Showroom

I made a little order from Glossier  some time back. I was super intrigued by the brand and was excited to test out some of their cult products. But like any beauty addict, I wanted to try more. I figured I'd take advantage of my NYC location and visit the showroom to swatch some things before purchasing. My first mistake was going on a weekend-there was a pretty long line, especially considering the summer heat. But once on the penthouse floor, it was fun to explore the Instragram ready space.

At least with the line system, it wasn't too crowded on the floor, so you could take your time deciding on the shades you wanted. I was eyeing up the foundation and concealer, so I definitely wanted to check the color match and feel the texture. I also ended up with a few other things-stay tuned.

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