Monday, April 10, 2017

Nail Art | Amethyst Geode

I didn't know how this nail art would turn out when the thought came into my head. I just love a gemstone mani. I've done turquoise nails and marble nails in the past (and need to again, I can't believe how old those posts are!) I've shown how to get an amethyst mani quickly with Zoya Carter, and here is the nail art way. I think this would be a great idea for so many of your glitter polishes.

I used two coats of Zoya Finley for my sparkly purple base. Then, I just took a brush to paint around my nail in a rough outline shape to look like the gray outside of a geode. I used Zoya August for the gray and the black creme shade from Wet n Wild. I used black on the outside, a mix of gray & black for the middle, and the gray shade for the closest concentric ring. I did all different shapes on the nail. Some purple completely outlined, while other nails were left open. I think my favourite design was the first one I did on the ring finger. It was quick to do-no straight lines needed-and you can be as messy as you want.

Over the weekend, I had an amethyst latte which went perfectly with my mani!

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