Friday, July 1, 2016

Review | Physician's Formula Cushion Foundation

I'm a sucker for trying new products, and cushion foundations are all the rage. Make the deal even sweeter with availability at the drugstore, and I'm sneaking it in my cart. I bought this right when it came out. Yeah know, when it was cold out and like winter... And that's where the downside of Physician's Formula Cushion Foundation lies. The shade range. We had to hit end of June before my skin was sunkissed enough for the 'Light' shade. Now that it's a (better) match, I am loving the formula and simplicity. It gives my skin a really dewey, healthy look-feeling like a skincare/foundation hybrid-which alludes to its true 'All in One ABC' name. It's also nice not to have so messy of a system. No potential spills or extra pumps. I just dab my brush or sponge into the cushion to pick up the product. It's kinda of fun too.

What are your thoughts on the cushion foundation trend?

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