Sunday, February 21, 2016

Photo Diary | Seattle

Preston & I have caught a bit of the wanderlust bug. It might have been spurred on by a quarter-life crisis, but I am excited to see the places it will take us. Our goal is to have one domestic and one international trip a year-though we wouldn't mind surpassing that. And considering we were in Seattle over Valentine's, and in April, we are headed to Taiwan-we just might. So here is to more photo diary posts!

We spent a total of about 3 full days, taking a couple of red eye flights to make the most of our time. The jet lag got to us a bit, but that Seattle coffee perked us right up. Plus, it helped to wake up earlier to make the most of our days. We were grateful to our friend's for picking us up late at night at the airport and letting us crash with their kitties. From there, we took the bus to downtown and began our weekend of long walks and delicious food. My kind of weekend.

Of course, we started out at Pike Place market. It was such a lively atmosphere. I loved all the colours of the fresh produce and the views of the sound. We walked up a little tucked away staircase in search of coffee and breakfast foods to Storyville. I could have sat there all day, viewing the market from a cozy chair with a warm latte. They even had a 'Sorry' style board game which-being the board game junkies we are-we had to test out. After being sufficiently fueled up, we continued our exploration of downtown.

Original Starbs ^^

It was an amazingly blue day, uncharacteristic for Seattle. We walked through the sculpture park and by the Space Needle. We had a few hours before our Airbnb check-in and decided to go to the Experience Music Project Museum. The exhibits were scarily perfect for us-indie games, Hello Kitty, fantasy, and sci-fi.

The next day began with-you guessed it- more coffee. We went to the cutest cafe in our temporary neighborhood, Queen Bee, for crumpets. Delicious. Then, we walked up past all the Northwestern homes to Volunteer Park. We are a little obsessed with Olmsted's life and work after reading The Devil in the White City. It was cool to expand our list of 'Olmsted parks visited' with the Olmsted Brother's work. Our only disappointment was the water tower was closed (and unable to bypass like we did at Watkins Glen).

Valentine's themed house ^^

For lunch, we dived into a ginormous noodle bowl at In the Bowl. Mmm, perfect for the drizzly, gray weather. The true Seattle experience.

Looking back we did so much this day. We stopped by Twice Sold Tales, a quirky used bookstore with free-roaming fluffy cats. We then took a Lyft up to Fremont. Whenever we are traveling a city we like to get out the center a bit to explore different neighborhoods.

We stopped by the bustling Fremont Brewing and visited the troll. It was quite the popular attraction. We ended the day at Kerry Park to check out the city views.

For our last day, we wandered around Washington Park Arboretum. We made the mistake of diverging from the path into sinking mud puddles. The perpetual moisture is definitely not something we are used to on the east coast.

Before we headed to the airport we made a final run downtown, walking around Pioneer Square. I loved the older architecture in this part of the city. Our 9pm flight had us arriving in New York at 6 am. I was feeling quite a bit off the first few days back, but now we are back to our normal routine. And ready for our next adventure. 

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