Monday, November 2, 2015


Just thought I would share a few snaps from Saturday. It had been awhile since Preston & I dressed up for Halloween. But this year, we were invited to quite the occasion-a surprise birthday party for Preston's aunt. Ballroom attire.

I decided to go with the classic masquerade mask. I love this rose gold one I found. My dress is actually my prom dress. I had my mom mail it up to me! It counts as vintage- right? It's 2008 Betsey Johnson. I was so happy I got to wear it again. It was like Preston & my Prom 2.0. For my make-up, I went dramatic with these ColourPop shades and a bold purple lip. I had my spooky cat nail art for a traditional Halloween touch. Preston wore his new suit and this super cool mask. You get the template and create it yourself. It took six hours, and the results were worth it. We don't mind a bit of DIY. Overall, we were quite the fantastical pair.

What were you up to this Halloween?

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