Wednesday, October 7, 2015

New In | Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit

Ahhh! It's so beautiful. As soon as I saw this, I knew I had to have it. I love the Ambient Lighting Palette and have been wanting to try the blushes, so the Ambient Lighting Edit was a perfect match.

The palette comes with three highlighting shades, two blushes, and one bronzer. Starting from the top left...Dim Light is a peach/beige shade to blur imperfections. This shade is the only one I have from the previous palette. I love using this one for just about everything. Iridescent Strobe Light is a rose pearl powder and new with this palette. I don't know all about that 'strobing' trend, but I have been using it as a traditional cheek bone highlight for extra emphasis. It's a lot more bold than the other ambient lighting powders, but it still has a lit from within, not from make-up, appearance. Diffused Light is a yellow-toned powder for concealing redness and brightening. I have really wanted this one, so I am super happy it is included in this palette.

I have never tried the blushes, so I was excited to test out these marbled beauties. Mood Exposure is a plummy blush with mood light. I had wanted this blush since the blush line was first released. I love plum blush shades. It's perfect for an everyday fall cheek colour. Luminous Flush is a rose blush with luminous light. Another blush shade I gravitate towards and feel like you can use everyday. I have mixed both blushes too and really like the blend. Luminous Bronze Light is a medium tan bronzer with luminous light. I am a bit apprehensive with non-matte bronzers; however, this one is gorgeous. The finishes of Hourglass powders just make everything seem natural even though the differences before and after are dramatic.

Now, how does it compare to the Ambient Lighting Palette? The amount of product per shade is smaller. There is one overlap with Dim Light, a shade I get a lot of use out. If you have the Lighting Palette and the Blush palette (or a lot of singles), you might feel like there are too many dupes for your collection. The colour of the packaging (gold vs. violet/gunmetal)  is different but the same concept. The Ambient Lighting Edit is more expensive for the six shades, and a pretty pricey palette overall. The only positive with the price was I hit VIB status at Sephora...See I'm looking on the bright side! I love everything about these palettes though. I think of them as my grown-up make-up. The packaging is sophisticated and the results of the powders is gorgeous.

Did you fall for this palette? What are your thoughts?

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