Sunday, August 23, 2015

Mini Love | Sephora Bonuses

These little samples are so cute-I can't even. These are a few of the point perks recently offered at Sephora that I couldn't resist. I feel like I had to come up with the full-sized products because I really just wanted to get these little things.

Buxom Shadow in Mink Magnet. This is the most itty-bitty shadow. I love the shimmery taupe shade, and the texture is similar to Too Faced or Urban Decay. I might be convinced to build my own palette. I think this sample may not be available online-perhaps a local store might still have this 100 point perk?

Ole Henriksen Ultimate Life Eye Creme. Another ridiculously adorable little mini. Eye creme samples are always useful. This one has an awesomely thick texture that really wakens and firms your under-eye instantly. It also has a great cucumber scent. Refreshing. This isn't showing up on the discount page-but there are many, many skincare sample options. Don't forget to use these codes online for extra samples.

Bite Lip Lab Limited Edition Trio-Bellini. I have been hoarding points for awhile now. Finally a larger point perk that I wanted. This one is 250. Not bad. It comes with a mini lipstick, mini lipgloss, and little mirror. I love Bite lip products, so I had to get this set. The bright pink shade is super fun too. The minis aren't too shabby size-wise either. It's still available, so if you are looking to cash in some reward points-go for it!

Do you spend your points as soon as you get them or do you hold on to them for bigger sets?

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