Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Photo Diary | Camping at Round Valley, NJ

This past weekend Preston & I were feeling particularly adventurous. I love the city, but every once in awhile, it's nice to take a break. We took advantage of the long weekend by taking a trip to Jersey to visit Preston's grandmother and decided to spend one of our nights camping. We consider ourselves quite the walkers, easily clocking in five miles on a weekend day-just the weekend before this we did the 10K AIDS Walk. We were up to the challenge of 'primitive' camping-hiking to and from the campsite (around 5 miles each way) and to and from water sources (a rusty well about a mile away from our site). However, we came to discover, urban walking is very different.

We started our hike Sunday afternoon. Luckily, we had amazing weather.

Lugging around our belongings for miles of hills and uneven terrain was exhausting. We were basically dying.

But, it was so worth it once we got to our spot. We were in a more wooded site-they have many beach side ones that you can even take a boat to, but it was easy (though thorny) to make our way to the lake. The water was cold, but it was fun to splash our feet around.

I am a pro at marshmallow toasting, if I do say so myself.

My other hidden talent is finding perfect sticks for a variety of purposes, such as the aforementioned marshmallow toasting and as a writing utensil. Preston is the fire master. And he was pretty handy at breaking logs in half with his bare hands ....well, by whacking them against a tree....

On this romantical camping date, we just had to see the sunset. It was rather cloudy but still so pretty.

Time for s'more S'mores. (HEHE I couldn't resist...)

Had to complement the sunset, with a sunrise. A cloudy morning, but a perfect early start to the day and our hike back. 

Our 'I can't hike anymore' faces. We did it! And we saw deer & bunnies, so it was a win. Even though I am so sore, I am looking forward to the next time.

  Is a camping trip on your summer bucket list?

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