Sunday, May 31, 2015

Birchbox Nail Art | Cupcakes & Cashmere

Now that you've seen what was in my Birchbox + Cupcakes & Cashmere,  I have a fun nail art design inspired by said box. I did this last month with the gorgeous Rifle Paper Co. collab, so I thought I would do it again with another pretty box. It seems like June will have a special box too-it looks like this is turning into a series!

This one is simple tape mani. I used three different nail polish colours that corresponded with the box and a mini tape dispenser to make the crisp lines to mimic the geometric pattern. For my white shade, I used Color Club Mod in Manhattan, and for the dark peach, Julie G Old San Juan. There are two lighter shades of peach on the box, but I didn't have any similar polishes, so I mixed my white & peach for a middle shade and kept it at that. The middle of the box has a gold hexagon-to represent that, I did half of my nail gold using Zoya Ziv on an accent nail. For this mani, I just angled the tape half way diagonally across the nail to have two half triangles. I finished up with a coat of Seche Vite.

I have two tips for tape manis: 1. Make sure your base coat is completely dry. The tape will peel up semi-dry polish. Either do your base coat at night and finish the nail art in the morning, or use a quick dry spray, like Julep Ta Da! Drops, to make sure the polish is dry all the way through. 2. After applying the tape and painting your second colour, peel the tape of right away. Do not wait for the nail polish to dry. Wet polish makes for a crisper line. If it dries even slightly before you peel the tape off, it can remove bigger sections of polish.

Where do you get nail art inspo?

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