Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My Zoya Collection

I talk about nail polish quite a bit, especially about Zoya. It's my absolute favourite nail polish brand, as evident by it taking up half of my 90-polish rack. You can probably also tell that cool tones are more my jam. Not much else to say about this, as I have said it all before-five-free, opaque, even-so without further ado, here are my 51 Zoya polishes.

Top Row    Charlott; Jacqueline; Solange; Ziv; Gilty; Piaf; Shaaron; Coraline; Kate; Myrta; Belle; Rory; Kimber; Sooki; Pepper; Blaze; Aurora

Second Row   Daul; Carter; Sansa; Payton; Monica; Margo; Aubrey; Odette; Normani; Stevie; Caitlin; Dove; London; Geneviev; Yuna; Anais; Claudine

Third Row   Storm; Neve; Dream; Liberty; FeiFei; Natty; Dillon; Zuza; Neely; Kristen; Josie; Wednesday; Evvie;  Noot; Frida; Chita; Logan

I always seem to add a few more with the release of each new collection, so I am sure this will continue to grow...though it's apparent I do not need any more nail polish.

What's your favourite polish brand?


  1. Zoya is my favorite brand as well! I have ~35.

    1. Love them! What are some of your favourite shades-I am always looking to add more :]