Thursday, March 19, 2015

A little drugstore haul

This one is a bit long overdue as I have been using these products for awhile now. I have to admit usually, I am more of the mid-range shopper for beauty products. However, there are a couple of drugstore brands I can't get enough of as well as a few beauty products I don't mind getting a deal on.

There were a few items that ended up in my cart on a now not-so-recent Target trip, and they are all now in my beauty routine fairly regularly. I can't help myself, I love Biore Pore Strips, they are just too satisfying. I haven't had a pack in awhile and at a slight discount I decided it was time to repurchase. Another back from the past re-buy is Seche Vite. Yes, it's most likely very bad for you, but it's so shiny and fast. I finally have been able to make time to paint my nails again. It's just been one colour, but I am hoping to get back into nail art again soon. I also picked up the elf Mineral Face Primer, at one point I had the original and thought it worked fine. I'm not too picky with face primers. I have been hearing about lavender colour-correcting for brightening and wanted to try it out. I can't say I really notice a difference, but I think it would be a hard thing to notice unless you did a half & half face test or something of the sort. It seems the jaw clip is back. I remember having ginormous ones to flip up your whole head of hair and have the ends flare out in a spiky mess. I didn't go that far, but I picked up some medium size ones to help make half-up do's easier, and I've found it much easier than a ponytail.

Any recent drugstore purchases?

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