Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Playing Tourist in NYC | Brooklyn

We love showing off our borough when we have friends & family come to town. It's a side to NYC that most people never see. Though, if you have been following my blog or Instagram, you have probably become familiar with Brooklyn Bridge Park, Park Slope, & Prospect Park. We were a little less hustle & bustle this day as the previous one in Manhattan was a long one.

[Brooklyn Bride Park has amazing views of the city (& interesting art exhibits)]

[You know I love fall, so I couldn't resist sitting on this ginormous pumpkin.]

[Downtown & Fall Foliage.]
[The Brooklyn Promenade.]


[The crunching sound of fall leaves.]

[Dogs & Paths.]

[I love how you can forget you are in the middle of the city.]

[Dog beach turned duck beach.]

[Prospect Park West.]

[Park Slope.]

We always joke that when you visit us, there is a lot of walking. I like to think it's worth it. As with the last post, we are missing a lot of other spots. We didn't have time to hit up the Botanic Garden, the Zoo, or the Museum, and we stuck to basically two neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

For a total of 14 hours (including this), I think it's a pretty good taste of the city.

So what do you think are you a Manhattanite or a Brooklynite? 
Or maybe you are another borough!? Leave it in the comments :]

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