Thursday, October 30, 2014

Nail Art | Sugar Skulls

Happy Halloween!!! [Almost.] I have some cute little skelly-friends on my nails today. I saw this picture on Instagram and knew I had to try it out. Obviously, not even close to as good (Pshiiit Polish is ah-mazing!), but I love them. And if you are willing to let them be a bit imperfect, it doesn't take long to do. You just need a dotting tool.

I decided to do two skulls as accent nails. For the rest of my nails, I used Zoya Storm. My all time favourite black polish-it is like galaxy nails in a bottle. For my two skulls, I started with a base of Color Club Mod in Manhattan. I need to pick up some more white polish. Then, I used a plain black polish and a dotting tool to add shapes for the eyes, nose and mouth. For the sugar skull adornments, I used lots of polishes from the Zoya Ornate collection for some sparkle. I used Aurora, Ziv, Logan, and Blaze. Finally, I went back in with a black dot in the center of the eyes and white dots for teeth.

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Are you doing any nail art for Halloween?

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