Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fall Wet n Wild Balm Stains | 2 am Call Time & Lady in the Vamp

I am pretty excited about all the new Wet n Wild releases. Wet n Wild is one of my favourite drugstore brands. They are cruelty-free, super cheap, and easily accessible at your local RiteAid, Walgreens, Duane Reade, etc. The Halloween collection has been trickling in and soon the Fall. I thought I would share one of the new limited edition Balm Stain shades I picked up, 2 am Call Time, and an old favourite from the initial release of the Balm Stains last year, Lady and the Vamp.

Man is 2 am Call Time pigmented and super creamy! It definitely works more like a lipstick than either a balm or a stain. It's a deep violet shade, that definitely is bold. Though I really think it's wearable for fall. If you are a fan of bold berry shades, I highly recommend searching for this one.

Lady in the Vamp is in the permanent line of Balm Stains and was a huge favourite of mine last year. I did a whole post on it, but thought I would show it again for comparison. It's definitely more of a burgundy and the consistency is more in line with what I conceptualize as a 'balm stain'. Though, they may have changed the formula as it seems so different to 2 am Call Time.

Do you have any of the WnW balm stains?
Have you picked up anything from the new WnW collections?

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