Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Professional Nails

I am definitely not a blogger by trade, and I am currently applying for jobs and with some luck going on interviews. Even though I am a huge nail art fan, super bright nails aren't usually the best move when trying to make an office-appropriate first impression. Honestly all my previous jobs have been fine with my water marbles, neons, and designs, but it's still best to save those manis for when you already have a sense of your work environment. I thought I would share some of my polish picks when interviewing or if you are in a more strict office environment and need to add to your neutral collection.

Every girl needs the perfect nude polish in her collection. Cult Cosmetics Joshua Tree and Essie Jazz are classics. I love a nude nail even when not trying to be professional-add some gold glitter for a chic but glam look.

Grey nails are neutral but have more of an edge compared to a nude. Zoya Dove is the epitome of grey while Zoya Normani has more of the greige going on and is darker.

Zoya Odette has become a fast favourite of mine. It's neutral but with a purple twist. It still looks professional while also having colour to it.

Another big tip is to make sure your mani is neat and chip-free. Between shaking hands, handing out your resumes,  gesturing while talking, filling out forms-your interviewer will notice. I doubt it will be a make or break, but why not put your best self forward? Here are some posts I did on how I paint my nails and some of my favourite nail care products. Preparing the outfit, make-up, nails is definitely only a small part of getting ready for an interview, but I find that it helps me feel much more confident knowing that I look the part. And confidence is definitely needed!

What are some of your interview tips?


  1. I was doing a lot of interviews back in the Spring before I got my current job, and wore a lot of nudes and subtle polishes. Even after I started at my new job I eased them in slowly before getting into bright colors and nail art. Some of my favorites were the three neutral shades from the OPI Mariah Carey holiday liquid sands. A little bit of sparkle, but still the safety of a nude.

    1. Textured polishes are such a great idea! I might just have to wear Zoya London for my first day on the job!