Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Weekend | Walking the Cat

This might be my weirdest post yet and probably ever. As Saturday was so lovely, we decided to head to Prospect Park. We decided to bring Rococo with, and I couldn't help but take a million and one pictures. So consider this a photo diary of sorts-the diary of a crazy cat lady.

This isn't the first time we have taken her to the park. She loves it-she is so curious. Patches on the other hand hates the park, refusing to leave her carrier. Coco is pretty good at walking when there are no people or dogs to freak her out. Plus, she loves to eat grass, and the park has basically unlimited supplies.

She just trots along and then periodically decides to lay down under some random tree. I adopted her from the humane society, and according to her notes, she was a stray before they took her in. I always wonder if she was a wild woods kitty.

I had to pose for some ridiculous 'I'm walking my cat' pictures. We do get a lot of stares, but Coco gets a lot of compliments and treats for being a good sport.

I'm not the only one that walks her cat...right?

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