Monday, May 12, 2014

Review | Elf EX-tra Lip Gloss in Marc & Joe

I have had these little glosses for awhile now, but now that the weather is warmer these spring/summer shades are calling to me. I wrote a little bit about them in this post but figured it was time to give them a proper review.

The Ex-tra lip glosses are a new release from Elf and come in six different shades-all named men's names which is kind of funny. Marc is medium mauve pink, and Joe is a creamiscle coral. They are a steal at $2 each and can be ordered off the Elf website or if you are in NYC, they have some of the shades at the Elf store.

I am amazed by how pigmented these are. The colour is really easy to build up. The flat applicator was a bit weird for me to use at first but works really well at leaving the colour opaque. These aren't the longest lasting, but they aren't sticky either. I am definitely wanting to order some other shades-like the berry, Michael. The only thing I am not impressed by is the packaging, which for the price is to be expected.

Have you tried the Elf Ex-tra Glosses?


  1. "Joe" looks especially beautiful on you! Good choices:) I have been really wanting to try out those Smudge Pots that you have been loving. Maybe it's time to place an order...*contemplates*

    1. Thank you! & yes, you need the smudge pots- they are sooo good! :]