Monday, April 7, 2014

Zoya Spring Water Marble

So apparently this is an annual thing for me as I happened to post a very similar Spring themed Water Marble last year. So check that one out because it might actually be better. Water marbling is definitely a practice makes perfect type of nail art. And I have been out of practice. Even so, it always ends up looking super cool and different. My first water marble ever was actually with some foil finished Zoyas as well...& yes, you can see that one too right here.

Zoya Rory | Metallic Lilac-toned Pink
Zoya Jacqueline | Ivory Creme
Zoya Dillon | Metallic Mint Green

I started with one coat of Zoya Jacqueline for my base. Then, I dropped my polishes in the order of Zoya Rory, Zoya Dillon, and Zoya Jacqueline, and repeated that. I drew a 'flower' design as that is the only one I can consistently produce (& by consistently, I mean relatively...vaguely....sort of....) I love water marbles for spring and summer. Super fun and a great way to use a lot of your bright polishes. This colour combination reminds me so much of Easter. I need to remind myself that water marbling isn't that much work, so that I do it more often.

Don't let me be alone in the water marbling! Instagram & tweet me pictures if you try it out!

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