Saturday, March 22, 2014

Zoya Odette

Happy Saturday! I was kind of at a loss for what to post today, so I decided to keep it simple and share a new polish in my collection. I showed some new Zoyas in last week's Seven. This is Zoya Odette part of the Naturel collection (I love you Zoya, but the spelling of this collection drives me crazy.) I love the dusky purple shade. It's neutral without being boring. Plus, the name makes me so happy. As a kid, my sister and I were obsessed with The Swan Princess. My nana even made me Odette's dress for a Halloween costume one year.

This is two coats of Odette, no base coat or top coat (or clean up...) I wasn't planning on posting on this, so I neglected to follow my own nail painting techniques... It's a lovely colour, very chic. Perfect for office working girls who need to keep it professional. I picked another colour from the Naturel collection too, Normani- I am excited to try that one next.

What's your go-to neutral polish? & have you seen the Swan Princess???


  1. I cannot get over how beautiful this shade is! It's gorgeous :D

    Sarah | More Than Adored