Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Review | Nail Rock Velvet Kit

Being a nail art fanatic, I was super excited to receive the Nail Rock Velvet Kit in Burgundy in my latest Birchbox (check it out here...).  So over the weekend, I sat down, read the instructions, and tested out this mani.

The Nail Rock kits come in several different variations and colours. At $6.99 a kit, they seem to be an affordable version of the Ciate nail art kits. The Velvet Burgundy kit comes with a bottle of polish in a purple-leaning burgundy and a mini pot of flocking powder of the same shade.

I decided not to "velvet-ify" all my nails (that just sounded like a mess), instead choosing to do an accent nail. I love the burgundy/deep purple/oxblood shade. However, I found the formula of the polish to be a bit streaky, even after two coats. It also dries fairly matte (I used a top coat in these pictures). Perhaps, it is best used with the flocking powder and not as a stand alone polish? To apply the flocking powder, I followed the box's instructions which said to dip the nail in the pot. I did this with my left had and found that it ended up smudging the polish underneath resulting in a crater. So, for my right hand, I tried pouring the powder over the nail. This applied it more evenly, without smudging, but wasn't as thick and "velvet" like as the left hand.

As for wear, I was surprised that the velvet effect lasted through washing my hands and showering. Though on the second day of wear, it was looking a bit grubby. And living with two cats, I was constantly rubbing fuzz of the velvet nails (quite happy I decided not to do all ten). The nail polish itself only lasted about three days before very noticeable chipping occurred. Overall, I love the colour and think it's a fun concept. But perhaps I am just not ready to "rock" the velvet mani.

Are you a fan of velvet nails? Any tips on how to apply flocking powder?

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  1. The color is so pretty! I got the glitter one and that was messy!