Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Favourites | December Beauty

Happy New Year! I can't believe it's 2014! I am pretty excited for this upcoming year. But before I get ahead of myself, I thought I would share what I was loving for the final month of 2013. Only a few new things as December was quite busy and my shopping addiction was directed towards friends and family. October and November favs are still heavily on rotation, but here are a few things I have been loving.

I have been applying the Victoria's Secret Fresh Face Brightening Cream along my cheekbones and any other highlighting locations before applying my foundation to give my winter skin a pick-me-up. It's a subtle but effective glow.

The NYX Blush in Dusty Rose has been on my cheeks basically everyday (when I am not wearing Nars Sin). It's pretty neutral, so it works great with a cranberry eye-my everyday look this December.

This double-ended eyeliner from Urban Decay has been the perfect rushed morning and travel companion. It features Zero and Whiskey. Zero is the perfect black for tightlining and Whiskey is a medium brown that is great for defining the waterline.

I rediscovered my love for the infamous dollar liquid liner from Elf. I used to use this all the time in high school and college, but somehow I hadn't repurchased it in awhile, trying out new things. Well, I am sold again (how can you not be for one dollar?) The brush tip is flexible giving you a lot of control for your cat eye (Though it can be tricky at first to master), and the formula doesn't smudge or disappear (which I have found many other brands to do. Perhaps I have very watery eyes...).

I discovered a couple of new Wet n Wild lip products this month I have been loving! Now, their lipsticks aren't new to me, but I recently picked up the shade Mauve Outta Here. It's a gorgeous pink with a hint of purple. It's neutral enough for everyday, but the purple tone adds some fun and brightening effects. The formula for these is great for the $1.99 price. I apply it right over a balm, so it isn't too matte or thick. A new product of Wet n Wild is their balm stains. Again another amazing deal for a great formula. This shade, Lady and the Vamp, is a gorgeous berry. And it's easy to wear and maintain. Here is a link to my post all about it.

For nails, I have been loving my new Zoya's, especially Carter. I have swatches and details on this amethyst beauty here.

One of my favourite finds of the month is the Wet n Wild Coverall foundation. I have walked past this product many-a-times as the packaging is on the boring side, and I was formerly under the impression that for foundations,'You get what you pay for'. I decided to give it a try after seeing a video by Logical Harmony saying that it was her favourite cruelty-free vegan foundation. I have to say it is a great foundation for under $4. I wouldn't say it's the best foundation I have ever used, but it is definitely my new everyday go-to. I would say the coverage is medium, and I apply it using a BeautyBlender. The shade selection has a pretty good range though not many in-between shades, but seeing as it's a four-dollar foundation, you can realistically buy a couple of bottles to make your perfect match. Though the bottle isn't much for eye candy it's easy to travel with and store. I am very happy I decided to go for it as I would have probably just kept passing it by.

What were your favourites for December? What products are you looking forward to using more in January?

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