Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Top 10 Fall Nail Polish

My favourite season combined with one of my favourite things equals bliss. Today, I thought I would share my top ten colour picks for the Autumn season. I did a similar post back in Spring. It's a great way to "shop my stash." I will of course be sharing the polishes above as well as others I have in my collection that fit the colour scheme in other finishes and gradations. Get ready for some polishes!

 Julep Laura
Zoya Noot
China Glaze Magnetix Cling On
Model's Own Golden Green Beetle Juice

I love army/olive/khaki shades for the fall. This muted green colour goes well with so many fall fashion colours: creme, burgundy, and mustard to name a few. Go with a classic army shade like Julep Laura, or a darker version with Zoya Noot. For a wow-factor choose a fun magnetic polish like China Glaze Cling On or a duochrome like Model's Own Golden Green Beetle Juice.

Zoya Monica
Zoya Daul
China Glaze Magnetix Instant Chemistry
Zoya Aurora
Essie For the Twill of It

 Purple nails go a bit deeper in the fall with aubergine tones. Zoya Monica is a classic creme version and would look lovely accented with the gold duochrome shift in Zoya Daul. China Glaze Instant Chemistry combines two trends: magnetic nail polish and deep purple. Now for a shade that is a brighter amethyst Zoya Aurora is perfection. The holographic sparkles are ridiculous (in a good way of course). Essie For the Twill of It transcends several of these colour categories. Shifting from green to purple to silver you pretty much have it all with this one polish.

Julep Coco
Zoya Blaze

Now here is one category I need to add more polishes to! Burgundy and oxblood hues are always trendy during the fall time of year. Julep Coco is a creme finish version, and Zoya Blaze ups the ante with the holographic sparkles using burgundy as a gorgeous jewel-toned background.

Zoya Jacqueline
Color Club Mod in Manhattan
Essie Jazz

Off-white shades have been a recent favourite of mine, but I think they are the perfect polish for fall nails. Matching your favourite sweater and the foam of your latte. Zoya Jacqueline is a true ivory, Color Club Mod in Manhattan is a tea-linen shade brighter than Jacqueline with an almost pink undertone, and Essie Jazz is darker more of a nude shade. 

 Essie Stylenomics
Sinful Colors Last Chance
Color Club Wild Cactus
Zoya Logan

Deep greens are some of my favourite shades. Essie Stylenomics is the epitome of the fall shade, a dark, almost black, green. Sinful Colors Last Chance is a similar dark, dark green but more hunter. Color Club Wild Cactus is the perfect true emerald hue and would be a great colour to transition from summer to fall. Zoya Logan is a deep green amped up with golden sparkles, reminiscent Christmas trees.

Zoya Dove
Zoya PixieDust London

The perfect neutral for fall. Zoya Dove is a beautiful creme finish. Zoya London has the amazing PixieDust finish. It sparkles like crazy. If you haven't been a fan of the textured polishes I would try Zoya's; they aren't too rough, apply easily, and are loaded with fine glitters.

Wet 'n Wild Bite the Bullet
Pure Ice Taupe Drawer

Another take on the neutral nail, these taupe nails lean purple. Wet 'n Wild Bite the Bullet and Pure Ice Taupe Drawer are great options. 

OPI I saw...U saw...We saw...Warsaw
Essie Midnight Cami
Urban Outfitters Mystic

Navy is a classic nail polish shade year round. In summer it's the finishing touch on a nautical ensemble while in autumn it's a dark sapphire addition. OPI I saw...U saw...We saw...Warsaw is the traditional navy blue creme, while Essie Midnight Cami adds a shimmering sheen to the hue. For a unique take, try Urban Outfitters Mystic (or Deborah Lippmann's Ray of Light) a navy jelly with suspended red/green/gold flakes, which literally look like the changing autumn leaves. 

Zoya Natty
Julep Julianne
Zoya FeiFei

A shade I love all year round. Zoya Natty might just be one of my all time favourite nail polishes. It is dark blue without look black, bright while still being smoky. It looks great paired with Zoya FeiFei, another contender in the all-time favourite department, a brown/blue sparkley duochrome. Julep Julianne is like the lighter version of Natty and another great shade to make the transition from summer to fall.

OPI Black Satin
Elf (unnamed; possibly Metal Madness?)
Zoya Storm

Last but not least, a shade I will be wearing this fall is dark steel gray. OPI Black Satin is a gorgeous charcoal metallic that will still match any outfit while making a statement. The elf polish has a similar colouring but with light iridescent sparkles mixed in. Zoya Storm, while a true black, had to be included as the holographic sparkles stifle the harshness of wearing a pure black and are just too gorgeous not to mention.

 I hope this gave you some fall colour inspiration! Some nail polishes on my wishlist right now are the fall Zoya PixieDusts, especially Carter (purple) and Chita (dark green). I will also definitely be extending these shades beyond my nails into fashion, accessories, home decor this season.

What are your nail polish favourites for fall? What polishes are on your fall wishlist?


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