Sunday, September 29, 2013


I really wish I had better pictures for this week. I was so surprised when I was clicking through this week's album of photos. I guess that can happen though, when so much is happening, you fail to document it all. And some things just aren't readily expressed in a photo. Blogging everyday has somewhat taken away from this weekly update, as I am now expanding that wishlist, new beauty item, or make-up look into a whole post.

 [Loving documenting my week with the Currently List. This was last week.]

 [Getting myself into a new crafting endeavor- Project Life.]

 [Halloween Candy & October Allure.]

 [My most exciting event of the week, yet not very photogenic.]

 [Yes, I have already brought out the Halloween decor. Can you spot Rococo?]

 [This week I took a ton of blog pictures, along with cat model shots.]

[I did unsubscribe to Ipsy and replaced it with a Sample Society sub. Excited for my first box.]

Hope you had an amazing week!

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