Friday, September 27, 2013

Review | Pur Minerals CC Cream

My lovely friend, Jana, entered a contest on Pur Minerals' Instagram and won us each a product from their line of face bases. Consequently, we both chose their CC Cream. I don't mind the whole "glorified tinted moisturizer" belief. I mean that doesn't sound too bad to me. I tend to prefer lighter coverage and having SPF in the product simplifies my morning routine.

Even as far as CC creams go, Pur CC Cream has a high sun protection factor, SPF 40. I appreciate that since I do tend to burn. Though most people would think that makes it ideal for summer (I started using it at the tail end of the season), I think it makes it very suitable for the later months as well when I tend to forget to put SPF on even though the risk is still there. The high SPF is apparent in the scent of the product, but by the time I finish my make-up, the SPF smell is no longer there. 

The texture of the CC Cream is pretty thick and creamy, as you can see in the above picture. It comes in four different shades. I have the lightest, Light, which is a pretty good match to my skin. The undertones for this shade do lean pretty pink. My preferred way to apply is using a BeautyBlender. It blends the creamy product very well and results in a natural texture. It's advertised on the packaging as matte, but I wouldn't necessarily agree. It's more of a natural finish and for me leaning a little on the more "dewey" side but that could be a result of my skin type. I think this CC cream would work really well on all skin types. The coverage I find to be really good as well, definitely light but noticeable, unlike some other CC & BB creams I have tried in the past. When I use this in conjuction with concealer, I really can't tell the coverage difference between it and a light foundation. 

The packaging is a definite pro, in my opinion. The tube makes it an easy everyday sort of base, and it has a pump, making it easy to use and look a little more expensive. 

Overall, I have been enjoying using this product and have been using it most days as my base. The product has a great texture, finish, and SPF, and the packaging is convenient. 

You can purchase the Pur Minerals CC Cream from their website.

Do you like CC creams and lighter foundations or do you prefer more full coverage products?

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